How to be successful in dating Russian Brides – 6 steps

What’s the best way to find the bride you are looking for?

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First of all, of course, you need to register on the site. And photos speak 1000 words, so make sure you do that bit properly – get some good pictures taken with a proper camera (not low-resolution mobile phone pictures).

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Be active here. Russian women like confidence and energy in a man. Keep communication going. Write letters – 40 or 50, or more. The more you communicate, the quicker you’ll find that special person who you can be comfortable with, and maybe marry!

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Feel free to talk to lots of Russian Brides. There’s nothing wrong with communicating with several girls at the same time. You’re dating Russian women – find the right date – that one that talk is just effortless with, and who you know you want to talk to more.

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Lots of short letters beat a few long ones – it’s closer to free and natural conversation, and as soon as you know you want to talk more, ask for a phone number. Written messages are great, but you really can’t beat true conversation.

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Show interest. Everybody likes to know that somebody is interested in them. Get to know about the things that are important to your Russian Brides (Ukrainian brides). Marriage, family, relationships, children.

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When you know you’ve found a girl who you want to see, then do it. Don’t waste time – that’s just back-peddling. Come to Russia. Meet your girl. Be romantic. Stay with her in a hotel, then when it feels right, stay with her at her place.

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And if you had a fantastic time, don’t dawdle – arrange to meet her again. You’re here to find a bride. Marry her!

How Works:

All registrations of girls are checked – by a real person!
New profiles are added every day. And registration is free! Russian Brides sees between 200 and 250 profiles added each week.
We weed scammers out. We reject 50-100 scam registrations weekly.
Every day, approximately 2000 letters are sent through our site.
Approximately 600-800 postcards are sent through our site every day.
Approximately 50 video message are sent every day.
Approximately 400 ice-breakers are sent every day.
And approximately 2000 winks are sent every day.
That’s because our set-up really works. Every year, between 900 to 1100 clients travel to Russia to meet a partner – or a partner-to-be!
And every week, between 30 and 50 Russian girls delete their profile from our database. They do that because they have found a partner through our site.
Every day we receive letters of thanks from people who have found their soul mate through Russian Brides. Marriage is their end goal, and they are now in lifelong, happily married relationships.

A letter from one very happy man and his Russian Bride in the UK:

Hi there, I’m utterly amazed and I want to write to you and just thank you for a really amazing service. What you do really well more than just anything is the compatibility test. I never believed that matching could be so perfect, it’s so much better even than what would happen in the pub or something. Obviously Russian brides in UK is about life long love together and you have matched me up so perfectly. I have the most perfect beautiful Russian woman. She is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. We’ve been married for 3 months and the love just only gets better. I really want to thank you for the way you match people up. You really know how to do it.
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No scamming at

Everywhere on the Internet there are people scamming. And it’s those places where a proper check is not kept that scammers sometimes succeed. At Russian Brides, we do not give scammers the time of day. We weed them out with the help of scammer lists, and we put scammers on the list whenever we find one active on our site. Of course, scammers change names, email addresses and try again to work themselves onto our site. We catch them as early as we can, but we ask you to be on your guard too.

Scammers and their common methods

1Many Russian women are beautiful, that is true. But something that appears just too good to be true, may be too good to be true. If you see a photograph that looks like it’s been taken by a professional photographer, then that’s a telltale sign.
2Scammers know that we’re looking out for them. They might want you to leave the site and communicate through personal email at a very early stage. Be aware.
3She’s keen to communicate over the net, but she doesn’t want to give you her phone number. Perhaps she says she doesn’t have a phone. This is a very strong sign. You should be very wary of this.
4She may profess her love for you at a stage that seems way too early – perhaps even within the first two or three letters. The reality is that things take longer to build than this. Be aware of this.
5Now "she" tells you that she wants to come and visit you. She might tell you the story of how her friend found her soul-mate in the UK and that she really thinks you should meet soon. She’d like to spend time with you in the UK. And she needs money for the ticket. She might even tell you she has some money, but not enough to go to Moscow, and then on to the UK. This is of course what the scam is really about: it’s about getting money out of you, and at the end of it there is no Russian Bride.
This really is rare, and we have people watching out for scammers, and banning them from the site, so it’s very unlikely this will happen to you. But please, if there are any signs like those above, take extra care, and please report this to our staff.

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We wish you all the luck in your journey to find your soul-mate, the love of your life, your Russian Bride, marriage, and lifelong happiness.

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